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School Uniform



Regular uniform

Class I To V

Red checks shirt with half sleeves and one pocket with collar. Light brown shorts with two pockets. Red checks shirt with half sleeves. Light brown skirt with white ribbon

Classes VI To VIII

Brown checks Shirt with light brown shorts.Note: Full pant for VIII Boys Brown checks shirt with light brown skirt and white ribbon.

Classes IX To X

Cream lining Shirt with light brown full pant. Cream lining kameez with light brown salwar and dupatta. (Next academic year).


For all students

White shirts and white shorts.
White shoes with White socks.
White shirt and white Skirt (I to VIII). White Kameez, Salwar and Dupatta. (IX &X).
White shoes with White socks.
(Next academic year).


For all students

Colour track pant and T-shirt.
White P.T. Shoes with white socks.
Colour track pant and T-shirt
White P.T. Shoes

All Classes

Black shoes without lace and light brown/cream colour socks without bands. In addition there will be a blazer, belt, tie, identity card and badge with school emblem.
Note: Dear parent all the school uniform will be available in the school premises.