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libraryLibrary Rules

  1. All students of the school are member of the library.
  2. Strict discipline and silence is to be observed in the Library and Reading-room.
  3. Students of classes VI to X can issue only one book at a time.
  4. Library books can be issued and returned during Library Period of the class only and not in any teaching period.
  5. No pupil may keep the book with him/her for more than 7 days; it should be properly looked after and deposited on the due date.
  6. Marking, underlining, cutting and erasing or do gearing pages of the books are strictly prohibited. Students indulging in such acts are liable to be punished if any such damage to the library books is detected by the librarian.
  7. Text-books, reference books, journals and periodicals are to be read in the library and reading room itself. They are not meant for home issue.
  8. The librarian may take back book at any time in case of urgency.
  9. A book may be issued for a further period of 7 days, if there is no demand for it by any other student. All library books must be returned by March 30th of that academic year. The Librarian should be notified by the borrower if the book is damaged before accepting the book. Otherwise the borrower will be held responsible and the pupil will have to repair the damage.
  10. Library books are to be deposited at least one week before leaving the station during the breaks and one month before the vacation.
  11. If a student loses a book the student will have to replace the book or pay a fine equal to the value of the book.Any student who infringes the Library Rules will be liable to pay a fine or be debarred from the Library.
  12. A No Due Certificate for each student is to be obtained from the librarian at the time of taking T.C. from the school.