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Co – Curricular Activities


1. To give children ample opportunities for self-expression.

2. To teach social co-operation by providing experiences in group living.

3. To make children aware of their social responsibilities.

4. To prepare children for better leadership and fellowship.

5. To develop in children high standards of aesthetic sense, ethics, discipline, sportsmanship

and social spirit.

6. To give them training in democratic citizenship.


  • House System: To facilitate healthy competition and co-operation among students, the entire school is divided into four houses. Inter-house competitions are conducted in Literary and Cultural activities and in games and sports.
  • Literary Activities: Public speaking and formal debating are the two main forms of oral expression in which systematic training is given. The school magazine serves as a medium for written expression. Competitions such as declamation, debate, drama, painting etc. are conducted. Thorough practice is given to the students to help them take part in the competition.
  • Dramatic & Cultural Activities:Regular practice is given in acting, dance and music during CCA periods, Most of these activities will be over by the end of January.
  • Games and Sports: Coaching is given to boys and girls in Volley Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball and Shuttle- Badminton. Competitions in games and sports are conducted at the regional and national levels.
  • Club Activities: Science Club, Nature Club, Eco-Club and Integrity Clubs are formed to enable students to develop their latent talents and interests.
  • Excursions and Picnics: Children are taken on educational trips to places of interest and Adventure activities.