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Scheme of Examination

The CBSE has initiated a scheme of Examination Reforms for holistic evaluation of learners through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, (CCE) programme.

This is a process to provide holistic profile of a learner through regular assessment of Scholastic and Co-scholastic domains of development. It stresses upon the all-round development of personality of the learners. it diagnoses the learning gaps among the students as they come from different socio-economic back grounds and have different I.Q and E.Q. Through this system the learners difficulties are diagnosed and remedial measures are taken to help them to attain the target skills. It also discourages rot learning and the outcome of evaluation is not reflected in numerical marks, but grades.

Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation for primary classes

for classes 1, 2,3, 4 & 5

(i) There is no formal examination for classes I & II. The teacher will evaluate the students through continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE). The testing can be done simultaneously while teaching or separately.

ii). Promotion for class I and II shall be decided on the basis of continuous and comprehensive assessment made every month of the work done in the class and assignments given to the children.

iii). All students of classes I and II shall be promoted.

iv). If a child gets ‘D’ grade in 2 subjects or more in class III onwards, he/she can be detained in the same class with the consent of the parent.

v. In case the parent does not give consent, the student will be promoted to the next class. However if the student again gets ‘E’ grade in 3 subjects or more in the next class, the Principal shall detain the child in the same class.

vi. The child who gets ‘D’ grade in any 2 subjects in class V will be given an opportunity to improve upon it.

vii. Promotion from class I upto class V may be made on the basis of the total performance in periodical and mid-session tests.

The CCE in classes III, IV & V shall spread over two terms during one academic session.

(i). First Term includes Formative Assessment 1(Pen Paper Test), Formative Assessment 2 and Summative Assessment 1(Pen Paper Test). The duration of the First Term is from 1st June to 30th September in an Academic session.

(ii). Second Term includes Formative Assessment 3 (Pen Paper Test), Formative Assessment 4 and Summative Assessment 2 (Pen Paper Test). The duration of the Second Term is from 1stOctober to 31st March in an Academic Session.

Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation for primary classes for classes 6 to 8

The Weightage of CCE for the Academic Year 2014-15 is as follows: for classes I to X.

Sl.No Assessments Weightage Month
1. Formative Assessment-1 (Written test) 10% July/August
2. Formative Assessment-2 (Project, Assignment, Oral test, Conversation etc.,) 10% June to September
3. Summative Assessment-1 30% September
4. Formative Assessment-3 (Written test) 10% January
5. Formative Assessment-4 (Project, Assignment, Oral test, Conversation etc.,) 10% October to February
6. Summative Assessment-2 (Written Test) 30% March

Note: The system will be implemented in our school as per the directions given by CBSE from time to time. For class IX and X CBSE these guidelines will be followed.


Grading Scale :

Assessment of Scholastic attainments Part I will be reported twice in a year in one academic session. The nine point grading scale for measuring Scholastic achievements is give below.

Grades Marks Range
Grade Point
A1 91-100 10.0
A2 81-90 9.0
B1 71-80 8.0
B2 61-70 7.0
C1 51-60 6.0
C2 41-50 5.0
D 33-40 4.0
E1 21-32 3.0
E2 00-20 2.0

 Note : All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in marks & the assessment will be given in grades. Co-Scholastic attainments will be done on a 5-point Scale (Classes VI to X) & a–point Scale (Classes IX & X) as shown in the table below. It will be done once in an academic session.